The ACX Battery Power Ascender

The ACX Battery Power Ascender is the latest model of ultra-portable battery-powered ascenders from ActSafe.

With this compact, lightweight Power Ascender you can work smoothly and safely in most places, high or low, confined or remote. 

The ACX Ascender features a closed self-locking rope grab, a distinct battery management system and an IP55 protection. The left-hand bi-directional throttle and the remote control reaching up to 150 metres are some of the many aspects that make the ACX Power Ascender safe and easy to use. 

This highly versatile Power Ascender will change the way you work, and once you've tried it, you'll never understand how you managed without!


Can be used with many 11 mm static/semi-static EN1891A ropes. Ropes shall be pre-soaked before use. 

Read more about approved ropes

Safe Working Load (SWL)
200 kg

Ascent Speed
0-24 m/min Continuous adjustment.

Battery range
Approx. 200 m with 100 kg load At 20°C, continuous ascending. Refer to user manual.

Charging time
90 min

Temperature range
-10°C to + 40°C

Total weight incl. battery
13 kg

33 x 28 x 27 cm

Dynamic load testing
1.25 x SWL

Remote Control range
Up to 150 m. The Remote Control must have visual contact with the Ascender to ensure maximal safety and range.

Water/dust resistance
IP 55